TraXem is a Blockchain-based software solution that allows traceability and transparency of product information. Product-related information at all stages are stored on the blockchain system. Information updating and retrieving are realized by scanning the QR code associated with each product. This solution can be extended to apply to supply chain management in many different fields.
Business Process
Update the production information on the Blockchain system through the mobile application.
Pack and tag the QR code on the product lot.
Use the mobile application to update additional information about the product lot.
Quality Controller
Control the production process, confirm the product information satisfactory before packaging and distribution.
Using the mobile application to update the quality inspection information.
Transport products from the producer to the distributor.
Use the mobile application to update product shipping information.
Receive and distribute products.
Use the mobile application to update product receiving and distributing information.
Use the smartphone to scan the QR code on the product to get all information about the origin and manufacturing process of the product.
BENEFITS from TraXem
Control information of the product and prevent substandard and counterfeit issues.
Understand the process of product distribution and transportation, easy to control risks arising when tracking and verification of the entire product delivery process.
Traxem is a platform that allows consumers not only to understand the origin and quality of the product, but also protect consumers from counterfeit products and easily handle complaints on quality.
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The application allows to process multiple data streams simultaneously and to provide information at the highest
speed. Being built on intelligent algorithms, TraXem is able to store full and specific information for each product.
Simple User Interface, Easy to use and install. It can be fully installed and integrated with multiple softwares and systems.
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In the upcoming time, VietSoftware International (VSII) will improve the TraXem system according to the feedback from users.
If you need to customize the system under specific business requirements, we are willing to cooperate to distribute TraXem in the appropriate ways.